Sunday, February 27, 2011

Essence nailpolish with 50% discount!


At my local beautysupplier the Essence products are in sale; 50% discount at products which are normally very cheap and affordable, is ofcourse extra nice!

I got my hands on the following nailpolishes:

 Essence colour & go Choose Me

Essence colour & go Lime Up!

Essence multi dimension XXXL shine Most Wanted

Essence I Love Berlin - Love This City

Essence Matt Top Coat

Ofcourse the most beautiful colours were allready sold out, but I'm also happy with these! :)

Yesterday I cut my nails quite short, they're a bit too short for me actually. I put on OPI Tickle My France-y and soon there will be pictures of polishes on my own nails.
Have a great weekend!


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