Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shiny version of Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract Nail Polish #14

Yeah, yeah... I couldn't resist (too curious) and put a layer of topcoat over Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract Nail Polish #14...

And this is how it looks like shiny:


Damn those glitters are so beautiful!! What a layer of topcoat can do...
It just gives it so much more depth... Don't you think?

Now I've seen both versions (matte & shiny) of this polish, I don't know which one I like most :)

What do you think about it, like the matte or the shiny version better??

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's so shiny and sparkly and pretty.

    I definitely like the shiny more than the matte.

  2. Hi Helen, this version has indeed very sparkly glitters which are truely beautiful!

    Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I think the shiny version looks even better!!

  4. Thanks Bunny nails, yeah, when it's shiny the sparkles are more visible...

  5. Hi Kim,

    My name is Carla from deucebeauties.blogspot.com. Hope all is well.

    I live here in the US and was wondering if you would like to swap some nail polishes.

    Let me know,

    My email is deucebeauties@yahoo.com

  6. I vote shiny! Wow, what an amazing glitter this is <3.

  7. @Carla: What a great idea to swap... Unfortunately I don't have any polishes on my wishlist at the moment... :(

  8. @Deborah: Thank you so much! I think I like both versions... Can't choose! :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  9. Ooo that's SO shiney! No way I choose between the 2 versions, both look great :)

  10. @GothamPolish: :)

    @ritterbraten: Haha, I cannot choose too... I really love this version, but I also love the matte version really... :)

  11. I Love This! This is such a gorg color, and great swatch! Where is Guppy nail polish purchased?

  12. @Marketta at Pink Polish Addict: Thanks! :)

    You can find this brand at eBay...

    Thanks for you comment!


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