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Nailpolish trends in 2012

Hi girls!

Voilá; 10 new nailpolish collections from the new season...

Below you'll see 10 different brands in a row with their new collections. This spring there are lots of pastel colors and very bright colors as well...

Let's take a look at the Springcolors of 2012:

Delicious, these three. And like we're used from Chanel Le Vernis, they're high on the wanna have-list of many nailpolish-lovers. These beauties were named after the months April (darkred like wild berries), May (intense pink; a universal tint of luck) and June (pastelapricot, a fortaste to the summer). 
Extra kudo’s: Hello, Chanel? Need we say more?
Availability: Now. For € 22.

With the polishes from Essie's Springcollection you're really at your best! With colorblock-colors like fuchsia pink, bright orange, matte mintgreen or subtle lilac.
Extra kudo’s: Extremely suitable for a colorful french manicure.
Availability: Now. For € 13.

O.P.I. loves Holland. The polishes from this season are inspired by The Netherlands. So they're Orange, Red, White and Blue? No... fortunately not! Our tulips, countryside and denimjeans determined the colorpallette. Think about: bright red, light pink, fuchsia, but also mintgreen and denimblue.
Extra kudo’s: Funny names like Kiss me on my Tulips and Thanks a Windmillion. Ha!
Availability: February (at least in NL!). For € 13,95.

The so called Garden Party-set from Dior contains two new colors: Forget Me Not (lilac) and Waterlily (pistache).
Extra kudo’s: At the moment you've put on these pastel-lovelies, a scent of roses will appear. Deliciousness!
Availability: Now. For € 24,95.

Mintgreen is one of THE colors this summer. Lancôme discovered this early and brought out the most greenest make-up collection of them all. Including this stunning nailpolish. 
Extra kudo’s: We fall into repetition, but also these names are making you wanna buy them. Lancôme named their polishes after macarons! Rose Macaron, Rose Tangerine en Green Almond, welcome to our dressingtables.
Availability: Now. For € 14,99.

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Vernis is a collection with 32 colors in mini's, so you can buy more than you would normally do. These polishes are stunning because of a perfect mix from pearlescent-particles, pigments and optical effects.
Extra kudo’s: The brush from these polishes are 3 times (!) patented. For the design of the stick, de quantity of the brushhairs and the shape of the brush. This all for the perfect dose. A liquid gelbase prevents the polish being to thin and flooding, or -also annoying- dripping while polishing.
Availability: Now. For € 5,99.

Go for green fingers with the newest nailpolish from the Yves Saint Laurent Candy Face make-up collection.
The brown one is extra, so there are interesting nailcombinaties waiting for us! You like sweeter than sweet?
Throw the orange and candy pink in the mix!
Extra kudo’s: These duo's are limited available. So they're extra exclusive. 
Availability: Now. For € 32,50.
The Orly Cool Romance-collection for this summer contains 6 soft pastelcolors with hysteric 'romantic' names like Prelude for Kiss, Faint of Heart, Jealous Much and You’re Blushing.
Extra kudo’s: Orly also has cute little travel/giftsets, called Mani Mini, which contains 4 colors. 
Together € 24,95.
Availability: Now. For € 4,95.

Meet MintMilk (mintgreen), Marc (violet), Ivy (chique green) en Papaya (warm orange). Or: the warm summercolors from Collistar, inspired on the island Capri, just like the rest from their new make-up collection. 
Extra kudo's: For Marc. Because oh, that violet-color.
Availability: Now. For € 13,90.

Three fresh, new colors in the Deborah Lippmann-family this spring. Babypink and babyblue, which is called 'On the Beach', perfect to finish a pastelcolored outfit with. And the color Mermaids Dream, for those who want to stand out a bit more, and dare to wear a mermaid-shine.
Extra kudo’s: A lot of celebs swear by Deborah Lippmann-polishes. Just so you know.
Availability: Now. For € 19,95.

Source: Elle

Well.. What do you say about these new collections? Which one do you particularly like? Or not?

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