Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something old, something blue...

Hi girls!

While we're busy with wrapping wineglasses and packing boxes, I found some time to show you a polish that I've swatched before, so it's nothing new, but in my opinion a very pretty and eyecatching polish...

H&M U Must Have This

U Must Have This is, literally, a colour you must have! It's such a pretty bright turquoise blue!
This polish is also very opaque, so if you're careful enough, you could get away with only one coat.
Unfortunately this colour is discontinued... If I ever find a lost bottle in a H&M store, I'll buy it immediately!

You must have noticed that lately, my pictures are different. That's because I now take pictures with my phone, only during moving to our new house! After we're settled I'm going to use my Sony Alpha camera and my lightbox again, like I used to, so don't worry!

In the meantime I hope these pictures are good enough... ☺

What do you think about this colour? Do you like it as much as I do?

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