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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review: XL-plate X + some neutral swirl stamping...

Hi girls,

I recently got my new XL-X stamping plate, and although I didn't had much time, I wanted to try one of the 

Let's take a look at my 5-minute-mani...

I was a bit busy, so I stamped straight on my basecoat, with no colour polish underneath...
I kinda like it actually...

Now let's take a look at the XL-X plate...

Isn't it festive?
 I have a lot of new designs to try out!! :D

How I used it: 
As written above: first my basecoat and then stamped on my blank nails...


The images are very big, and therefore very suitable for short and longer nails...
The design transfers well and the result is a crisp stamp. My manicure was a quicky, but if you'll take the time I'm sure you'll be able to create very beautiful designs with this imageplate!

Availability & price:

I bought this plate on eBay for $8,99 (incl. free shipping to The Netherlands) from seller

What do you think of this imageplate and my manicure?

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Preview: Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection Spring 2014

Hello beauties!
Starting early January 2014 Essence will launch the Kalinka Beauty Collection, a real fun and cheerful line in peachy, orange and turquoise shades. Like the name suggest Essence gets her inspirations for this collection from the Russian folklore and includes a purse as the cute Matryoshka doll.

Modern Matryoshka: essence is travelling to the land of traditions and beauty with the new trend edition “kalinka beauty”. Folklore patterns and lace adorn the designs of the beauty pieces and are combined with a bright color scheme of warm red, orange, apricot, beige, brown, green and brilliant blue. In addition to focusing on the eyes, lips, face and nails, this trend edition has another special must-have in store for you: the cute Matryoshka – the world-famous Russian doll and the ultimate souvenir – is embodied in the shape of a unique purse. The single lashes in black, green and red also ensure an eye-catching look. Welcome to Russia… with essence!

Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection Spring 2014

Kalinka Beauty Mono Eyeshadow – Limited Edition – €1.99
Greetings from St. Petersburg… the eyeshadows with a high pigmentation and a creamy texture create trendy eye make-up styles in fresh apricot, earthy brown or cool green. Kalinka’s favorites!
  • 01 From Russia With Love
  • 02 Babushka Me
  • 03 Green Scene

Kalinka Beauty Single Lashes – Limited Edition – €2.49
Folklore feeling! The false single lashes in the three eye-catching colors black, green and orange are the ultimate it-pieces of this collection. They set cool highlights – placed on the outer edges, between your lashes or all over! One set contains 40 single lashes including lash glue.

Kalinka Beauty Eyebrow Styler – Limited Edition – €1.79
Babushka brows! The duo eyebrow styler is a true all-rounder. One end of the pen emphasizes your brows while the other end is a transparent positioning pen for long-lasting eyebrow make-up. Super-practical: there’s a little brush integrated in the cap to ensure perfect shape.
  • 01 Babushka Me
  • 02 How to be Russian

Kalinka Beauty Lip Brush – Limited Edition – €1.29
Definition deluxe! The lip brush with a slanted tip and thick, dense bristles ensures accurate definition for the contours of your lips and is ideal for the application of the duo lip cream.

Kalinka Beauty Duo Lip Creme – Limited Edition – €2.29
From Russia with love… the highly pigmented duo lip cream with one matt and one shiny formula offers your lips long-lasting color. The subtly shimmering, glossy cream can also be used as a topper.
  • 01 Meet me @ red square
  • 02 East side story

Kalinka Beauty Blush – Limited Edition – €3.29
Sunrise over Moscow… the silky-soft powder texture of the blush in a bright apricot-orange gives your cheeks a gorgeous flush to counteract pale winter skin. As well as providing beautiful red cheeks, the Matryoshka packaging is a real eye -catcher, too!

Kalinka Beauty Nail Polish – Limited Edition – €1.79
Kalinka loves… the four new colors in blue, orange, apricot and green with a gorgeous pearl effect! They create cool, long-lasting nail styles that turn your nails into a trendy winter statement.
  • 01 Absolut Blue
  • 02 East side story
  • 03 From russia with love
  • 04 Green scene

Kalinka Beauty Hair Mascara – Limited Edition – €2.49
Siberian hairstyles! With the hair mascara in trendy orange or glamorous bronze, you can give your hair awesome color highlights as streaks or at the ends. The mascara is super-easy to apply and rinses out with shampoo.
  • 01 East side story
  • 02 Babushka me

Kalinka Beauty Purse – Limited Edition – €2.49
Meet Matryoshka! The cute purse with a Matryoshka design is an absolute must-have – and not just for souvenir hunters! It’s ideal for storing money, cash cards and even little beauty utensils.
OMG! How cute is this collection!! 

Did you see anything you like? Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Saran Wrap Manicure (1st time)

Hi girls,

Today I'm showing you my first saran wrap manicure in blue and white...

I took the pictures straight after work, so it already became a bit dark outside, that's why the lighting is a bit poor...

This is my first saran wrap manicure and I quite like it actually!
First I painted my nails with a white polish, let that dry and grabbed a ball of clingfilm on which I painted a bit dark blue polish. I dabbed that on the white on all ten nails, let that dry and did the same with the light blue polish on top.

Here are the polishes I've used:

♥ Color Club French Tip (white, one coat)
♥ Essence Colour & Go The Boy Next Door (dark blue metallic)
♥ Essence Multi Dimension Fall For Me (light blue crème, discontinued)
♥ INM Out the Door topcoat (1 coat)

This picture is two days later (after I took the first pictures), taken by daylight...
Unfortunately it started to chip on my pointerfinger :(

These colours blended together remind me a bit of Delfts Blue porcelain, which is typically Dutch...

See what I mean? :)

Well for the first time, I think it's an okay manicure! :)

What do you think of my mani? Let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Preview: Essence Ice Ice Baby Collection Spring 2014

Hello beauties!
Essence launches in the first days of 2014 their new limited edition Ice Ice Baby Collection in soft and pastel shades of green, blue and lilac. This collection looks so easy on the eye and contains the perfect shades for an easy transition from winter to spring.

Ice princesses are sure to love the winter season! Essence is offering the coolest products for all winter beauties with the trend edition “ice ice baby”. The trend edition presents a holographic and iridescent color scheme consisting of silver, blue, pink, purple, green and soft beige implemented in unique products that ensure awesome style for ice skaters and all other winter adventuresses. In addition to shimmering products for your nails, eyes and face, this trend edition also provides the ideal care for your lips and hands. The absolute must-have is the cool cable clip to keep your headphones in place while you listen to your favorite tunes.

Essence Ice Ice Baby Collection Spring 2014

Ice Ice Baby Eyeshadow – Limited Edition – €1.99
Ice eyes, baby! The highly pigmented eyeshadows is sure to make the eyes of all winter beauties sparkle as bright as tiny ice crystals. The three eyeshadows in soft beige, purple and silver have a cool snowflake embossment. This not only gives the cute eyeshadows a wintery look but also creates a metallic finish for your eye make-up.
  • 01 Do the Rittberger
  • 02 Junior Championship
  • 03 Ice Crystals Everywhere

Ice Ice Baby Eye Pencil  – Limited Edition – €1.99
Crystal eyes! Breathtaking moments are guaranteed thanks to the three eye pencils with an extreme metallic effect in the colors silver, blue and green. They have a super soft mine with intense color-dispersion to give your eye make-up a cool metal finish.
  • 01 Ice Crystals Everywhere
  • 02 Icebreaker
  • 03 Ice skates on!

Ice Ice Baby Lip Balm  – Limited Edition – €1.29
Perfect (f)lips! The pampering lip balm ensures velvety, soft lips and they conjure-up a touch of color on your face at the same time. Now you can head for the ice-rink and nothing will stand in the way of loop jumps, flips & co!
  • 01 Backflip
  • 02 Do The Rittberger

Ice Ice Baby Shimmer Powder  – Limited Edition – €3.29
Shimmer is always in season! Especially during winter adventures! The shimmer powder is enriched with light-reflecting pigments for a radiant complexion at all times. The shade adapts to every skin tone and can be used as an all-over-shimmer or as a highlighter. There’s a cute snowflake embossment with purple glitter spray on the surface of the texture to provide subtle color effects. Now ice princesses are sure to sparkle even brighter as they sweep across the ice-rink with their pirouettes.
  • 01 Ice Skating @ rockefellers

Ice Ice Baby Nail Polish  – Limited Edition – €1.59
Get your polish on! With the cool winter colors soft beige, purple, green and blue on your nails, ice-skating is twice the fun! These four nail polishes have a holographic shimmer to go with the frosty time of year. They’re super longlasting and are sure to withstand every figure skating session with ease!
  • 01 Junior Championship
  • 02 Do the Rittberger
  • 03 Ice Skates On!
  • 04 Icebreaker

Ice Ice Baby Hand Protection Balm  – Limited Edition – €1.99
Ice cream! The 24h hand protection balm is a must-have this winter season if you want to avoid dry, chapped hands. It pampers stressed skin with rich shea butter and coconut oil to make them feel super soft again. Ideal for winter beauties who don’t want to hide their awesome ice ice baby polish underneath gloves when they head for the rink!
  • 01 Let me Hold your Hand

What do you think of this collection? See anything you like?
Let me know in the comments!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City


I'm back... 
This time with a review of... 

Hier ben ik weer...
Deze keer met een review van...

Herôme Guatemala City 67

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City is a dusty pink shimmery polish which, unfortunately, didn't apply very well... The consistency was a bit watery, therefore I applied 3 coats and a layer of topcoat.

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City is een oudroze shimmer nagellak die helaas niet heel erg fijn lakte... De lak was een beetje waterig, waardoor ik 3 lagen en een laag topcoat heb moeten aanbrengen.

Guatemala City contains very small silver glitter parts, which makes this polish in real life looks a bit shimmery and metallic...

Guatemala City bevat hele kleine zilveren glitter deeltjes, die ervoor zorgen dat deze lak in het echt een beetje shimmery en metallic aandoet...

I do adore pink polishes, but I honestly must say that this colour (and finish) isn't my cup of tea...
But that's my personal opinion...

Ik hou erg van roze nagellak, maar ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat deze kleur (en finish) niet helemaal mijn ding zijn... Maar dat is mijn persoonlijke mening...

How I used it: 
As written above: first my basecoat, than 3 coats of Guatemala City and one coat of topcoat.

Hoe ik het gebruikte:
Zoals hierboven beschreven: eerst mijn basecoat, daarna 3 lagen Guatemala City en een laagje topcoat.


The consistency of this polish was a bit of a downer: the first layer was barely visible, the second layer was more opaque but the third layer (and that was a thick one!) eventually was enough to made the VNL disappear. Like I said before, this colour isn't really the type of pink I would love to wear, but that's my personal opinion.

De consistentie van deze lak was een beetje teleurstellend: de eerste laag was nauwelijks zichtbaar, de 2e laag was wat dekkender maar de derde laag (en dat was een dikke!) was uiteindelijk genoeg om de zichtbare nagellijn (witte nagelrand) te laten verdwijnen. Zoals ik al eerder schreef, deze kleur is niet helemaal de kleur roze die ik graag draag, maar dat is mijn persoonlijke mening.

Availability & price:

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City 67 is available at for €7,50 (click here for a direct link to this polish). Unfortunately they do not ship internationally.

Availability & price:
Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City 67 is verkrijgbaar bij voor €7,50 (klik hier voor een rechtstreekse link naar deze nagellak). Helaas verzenden ze niet internationaal.

Thanks for watching!

*The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

I WON!! Prize review: Dashica's stamping set 3 (20 imageplates) *pic heavy*

Hi girls!

I'm so excited to tell you that I won Dashica's like, share & win giveaway on Facebook!!

My mouth literally fell open, because I've never (ever!) won anything!

Already 2 days after the announcement on Facebook, I received the prize: 
Dashica's imageplates set 3 which contains 20 pretty imageplates! 

Now let's take a look at these pretties...

The whole set...

I ♥ full nail images, so I'm very satisfied with all the images this set contains!

I also received this handy and cute case to store the imageplates in...

You can store 26 imagesplates in this case...

I already used some of the smaller images for my daughter (4) her nails. They are very detailed and picking up the images was not a problem at all. I'm very happy with this set!

Are you familiar with Dashica's Beautyshop? (She also ships internationally)

Thanks for watching!

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