Thursday, May 30, 2013

China Glaze VII


Here I'm wearing an older polish from China Glaze, called VII from the Anniversary X Collection of 2007.

 China Glaze VII

VII is a brownish dark plum colour which sometimes (in some lighting) looks deep brown. I find it very classy. I'm wearing two coats here but if you're careful enough you can get away with one coat; it's very opaque. I also ♥ the fact that it is very glossy. Even after wearing it for a week it stays glossy!
How it that possible!?

I recently ordered VII with 50% discount (for about €3) and I really love this polish!

Although is is springtime in the Netherlands, the sun doesn't show up much and that's the reason I've painted my nails in a way darker colour than I normally would in this time of year.

Are you wearing springcolours yet?

Thanks for stopping by!

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