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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Essence Irreplaceable + BM205

Hi all!

Today is going to be a short post...

Like I've said before: Essence Irreplaceable isn't my polish, and began to bore me, so I stamped a full naildesign on it from BundleMonster's plate 205:

Design stamped with Konad Special Princess Polish in Gold Brown

Mwah... I think it is a bit too dark for this time of the year :)

But I'm glad I finally fit the full naildesigns of the BundleMonster and Konad plates...
I think I'm going to experiment with them some more :)

See the golden shimmer in the Konad polish? Too bad that shimmer doesn't show on the nails...
I like it more in the bottle!

But I think the design is very nice. Only this combination doesn't work for me that well. But that's just my opinion. These colors are maybe more suitable in autumn, I guess.

What do you think about this combination?

P.S. Thanks to the new followers for following me! I really appreciate it! :)

Have a nice evening!
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