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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Brown cateye...


I've done my moms nails with gel & a brown cateye gelpolish...

Cateye Gelpolish is a sort of magnetic polish, which you'll use with a magnet.
The magnet sort of lifts all the magnetic particles up, and then you'll get a cateye effect.
You hold the magnet above the uncured gelpolish for a couple of seconds, and voila...
The cateye effect is there! :)

Have you ever used Cateye Gelpolish?

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

China Glaze VII


Here I'm wearing an older polish from China Glaze, called VII from the Anniversary X Collection of 2007.

 China Glaze VII

VII is a brownish dark plum colour which sometimes (in some lighting) looks deep brown. I find it very classy. I'm wearing two coats here but if you're careful enough you can get away with one coat; it's very opaque. I also ♥ the fact that it is very glossy. Even after wearing it for a week it stays glossy!
How it that possible!?

I recently ordered VII with 50% discount (for about €3) and I really love this polish!

Although is is springtime in the Netherlands, the sun doesn't show up much and that's the reason I've painted my nails in a way darker colour than I normally would in this time of year.

Are you wearing springcolours yet?

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catrice Lost in Mud


Long time no see, but here I am with some swatches again!

Today I would like to show you:

Catrice Lost in Mud

Lost in Mud is an older polish from the German budget brand Catrice, which is very popular in The Netherlands and far outside.

Lost in Mud is a brown/taupish crème which applies like a dream. I'm wearing two coats here, but if you're careful enough you can wear one coat.

There's nothing much to tell about this lovely brown polish... Except the fact that I ♥ it and I wear it a lot...

Do you have Lost in Mud in your stash too?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OPI My Private Jet

Hi girls!

Today I have for you:

OPI My Private Jet

I believe this is the 2nd version... It's dark brown and in some lighting it almost looks black...
The first version is more charcoal...

2nd version of My Private Jet
It contains holographic glitters, but unfortunately there's no sun at the moment, so I've made some shots under my daylightlamp, in which the holo effect is much less visible...

My Private Jet is a crèmebased holo with very small glitter particles.
I'm wearing my favorite basecoat (CND Stickey Basecoat) an believe it or not, only one coat of My Private Jet!! Really!

I'm loving this polish! ♥ 

Don't know why I haven't used this polish earlier, it's in my stash for quite a while!?

I was actually searching for the 1st version, and ended up with this one, from eBay... 

Ah well... Eventually I'm loving this one too and I'm happy with it.

Which version of My Private Jet do you like most?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shopping: OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, Essence, Catrice, BornPrettyStore, Guppy... and more!

Hi girls!

Hope you're doing ok? Fortunately I'm feeling better and getting back to work tomorrow...

Today I would like to show you some of the stuff I've bought this month.


From Essence 2 bottles of nailpolish remover in Strawberry and Coconut scent (always better than the real smell :) )

From BornPrettyStore two fauxnad Konad plates, numbers m66 and m76...

BornPrettyStore m66

BornPrettyStore m76
I haven't tried their plates out yet, but I've read some good reviews about them. I compared them a bit with the real Konad plates and I think they look pretty much the same.
These plates were on sale for $1,55!

Nothing special, just two pump bottles which I like to use for my removers. Also from BornPrettyStore.

From Catrice 3 polishes from left to right: Poison Me, Poison You!, After Eight and Dirty Berry.

From Essence 2 more bottles of Nail Art Sealing Topcoat, (a back up bottle of) Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti, Special Effect Topper Hello Holo and From BornPrettyStore some apple scented nailpolish remover wipes (which I don't like... The scent is ok, but they just don't do the job well enough!)

From Essence 7 Colour & Go polishes (I forgot photographing one!) from left to right:

66 Shiny Godness
33 Just In Case
72 Time For Romance
77 In Style
55 Let's Get Lost
78 Blue Addicted
(85 Galactic Black, not on the pictures)

I'm not sure, but I think Catrice's After Eight and Essence In Style look a bit the same... Anyone know if they do irl?

From OPI 3 polishes from left to right: Moon Over Mumbai, My Private Jet (brownish), Royal Rajah Ruby.

I know there are many girls who find OPI is a bit overrated and highly overpriced, but I think their polishes are great. They have such nice collections and colours! I'm willing to pay that price anyway :)

From Guppy (or CUDDV, whatever the name is) 2 Sanding Fruit Extract polishes, in numbers 14 and 16.
They are unbelievable large! I don't think I've had such large bottles (16 ml!) before.
I saw number 17 on Nihrida's blog and got immediately interested in the finish of this polish. Had to try it myself! :)

And 4 other polishes. From left to right: H&M Moody Model, Revlon 092 Blue Lagoon, China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metallic in Tarnished Gold, en last but not least a very neon pink crackle polish from Laushine (again from BornPrettyStore).

And two small brushes from BornPrettyStore which I'm going to use as eyeliner brushes.

That was about it...

See anything you like? Want to see swatches? Let me know...


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Essence Nail Art Sealing Topcoat

Hi girls,

Sorry I neglected my blog a bit, but I was very busy at work and when I got home I was too tired to post anything and make pictures. And the last couple of days I got the flu with fever and the chills, so yeah... Blogging was the last thing I could think of... But I promise I'll make it up to you guys!

Today I would like to review the Nail Art Sealing Topcoat from Essence...
I wrote about it earlier but this is going to be an extensive review.

One of my recent bought polishes is OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby...
Warning: this is an 11 days old manicure!!

11 days old manicure...

Basecoat: CND Stickey Base Coat (my favourite)
Color: OPI Royal Rajah Ruby (2 coats)
Topcoat: Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat (2 coats)

And hell yes did the Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat passed my test!!

I have never ever wore a manicure this long on my natural nails! Normally my polish is chipping wayyy sooner on me! Okay, since I'm using CND Stickey Base Coat, the results are better then before, but still...

The application was smooth, it is a bit of a thicker topcoat, but I had no problems with it...
The drying time was ok either... Yes! This is definitely the best topcoat I've ever used!!

This is what the bottle looks like:

The Essence website says this about it:
"The absolute must-have for all nail artists: the top coat seals creative artwork on the nails and provides an extra shiny finish. for long-lasting and beautifully styled nails".

The price is also very, very nice... A bottle of 10 ml is €1,99. I've bought this bottle at Kruidvat.
And after my great experience with it, I immediately bought 2 more :)

I've tested it before on my English Rose Foil Manicure and that lasted 6 days on me! And everybody knows how quick foil manicures are showing tipwear or how quick they chip, no?

But... like always there is a 'but'...

Look at this picture and tell me what you see...

Indeed!! BUBBLES!!

Strange enough, the bubbles didn't show up when I applied the topcoat...?!

They must have appeared when the topcoat was drying...

And that ofcourse, is a big no-no :(

I've left it on for one day, and then started to get irritated by feeling the bubbles so I had to get rid of the them... I took a lint free pad with a bit remover and slowly swiped some of the topcoat off.
Right after that I applied one coat of SV and on top of that 2 coats of the Essence Nail Art Sealing Topcoat.

And that's how I managed to wear this manicure for 11 days :)

I must admit: if I wasn't so sick I probably had taken this off way sooner, but hey, this is a great way too see how long a manicure lasts, isn't it?

So after all I really like this topcoat, but next time I'll polish my nails, put one coat of SV over it and than top it off with this topcoat. That seems to work best.

Have you tried this one yet? If so, what are your experiences with this topcoat?

Have a nice weekend!

* Edited on Nov. 09: I've recently found out that the polish wasn't dry enough and that causes the bubbles. I've tried this topcoat a couple of more times and let my nails dry a little longer and haven't had this problem. So problem solved... Thanks moonchild, for telling me this! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OPI You Don't Know Jacques! Suede

Hi girls!

It's a while ago I posted, but that's mainly because I wanted to test how long my previous (foil) manicure would last on me...

I wore that manicure for 6 days!! And had some minor chipping, only on my right hand! Seriously!

Today I want to show you one of my matte polishes:

OPI You Don't Know Jacques! Suede (1 coat)

I really love this polish and the matte effect it has.
But... there's one "but"... Because it is matte, I didn't used a topcoat as the finishing touch. So the longivity is unfortunately not that long... Here you can already see some tipwear after only a couple of days of wearing.

Next time I think I'm going to put some matte topcoat over it, to protect it a bit more...
Anyone any experience with that?

I love the color and the little sparkles in it... It's autumn (or fall, you know what I mean :) ) in The Netherlands, and so the color is really appropriate and matching this season...

I haven't tried topcoat-tricks over this polish, to see how the matte changes into shiny sparkles, but I've seen some nice French Manicure pictures on the web which, in my opinion, looked very interesting.

Going to try that some other time...

Interesting finish, isn't it?

Do you like matte finishes? And do you have some tips to keep em on a little longer than I did?

Sleep tight!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shopping: Kleancolor, OPI, Catrice, Essence, Milani & E.L.F. polishes

Hi everyone!

I want to show you some new polishes I got the last couple of days...

Suddenly all of my orders came in, and within a blink, I just own 14 more polishes :)

Actually I'm not a real fan of glitter polishes, but I keep buying them, haha!
And I must admit: these Kleancolor polishes really look stunning in the bottles, don't you think?

Don't know when I'm going to wear that Kleancolor Neon Pink, because it is way to neon to wear to work, but I had to have it... And that counts for the Milani polish too. but I love the bigger glitters in there! And like I've said before: I'm a sucker for nudes, so I had to try an E.L.F.-polish, and liked this color! I Saw Essence Irreplaceable on some blog, and really liked it, so had to have that one too!

I don't know if the color is going to suit my (bit yellowish) skincolor, but I've seen some swatches of OPI's I Vant To Be A Lonestar and I knew I had to have this one too! Wondering if it's going to be beautiful on me or not :) And Bubblebath is a nice pinkish color to wear alone or as a French Manicure. I say: always good to have some of these colors in your stash! :) And the last one of these OPI's is My Private Jet; the 2nd version, the dark brown one; guess this one is nice in the fall...

Although Catrice is changing some of their polishes under the same name (weird!), I like this 2nd version of Let's Mauve On! better than the first one. And I saw that this one is great for stamping too, so a must have! I Sea You is probably a color I wouldn't wear alone, but it's nice to have a beautiful green to make flower leaf-nailart (or something like that :) ) and the last one of these Catrice polishes is Welcome To The Jungle from the Papagena-collection. I think it is a bit dark, but maybe I wear it... Or maybe I'll just use it for stamping :)

What do you think of my score? Like these or don't? And would you wear these colors?

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shopping: Zoya, Catrice, Dearlee & BK polishes!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're doing fine. I'm so happy with my new polishes!! Let's take a quick look:

Zoya Maura

WOW!! Zoya Maura is definitely the most beautiful red I've ever polished my nails with!
What a beautiful tomato-red it is! The application was so easy; 2 coats and they went on like a dream!

Zoya Ali

Zoya Ali is a beautiful neon pink. I've only swatched this one on my nailwheel, and unfortunately the application was not the same as with Maura :(
Ali needed 3 coats to get opaque and is a bit more sheer than Maura. Seems like this formula is a bit different.

Catrice 320 Back To Black

Catrice Back To Black isn't what the name suspect it to be: black!
The previous version was black. This version is a dark grey with a tiny bit of shimmer. Haven't tried this one on my nails, but will swatch it soon!

Catrice 050 Moulin Rouge Light

Catrice Moulin Rouge Light, from the Ultimate Nudes Collection is a nice and soft peachy pink.
I HAD to have this polish, and the last couple of months it was always sold out, so now I have Moulin Rouge FINALLY! :)

Catrice 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
Damnnn what a long name for a polish! :) But it sure is a nice name.
My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame is a dark beige nude polish. I love nudes! And if you're working at an office and your nails shouldn't get attention all the time; this is a lovely and decent color!

Catrice 040 Petit Four As Dessert
I wore Petit Four As Dessert only 1 time and at first I thought it was wayyy to dark to match my skintone, but later on I started to like it more and more. It is a soft light brown / mocca with a hint of shimmer. I think it is a beautiful color!

Dearlee 007 from Born Pretty Store

I ordered two polishes from Born Pretty Store, and this is one of them. Strange enough the color on the website is described as light blue, and so does the color on the picture appear.
The color irl is actually mint green and despite the fact that I was looking for a baby blue pastel color, I got this one... But I like it anyway :)

BK 04 from Born Pretty Store

This is the 2nd polish I ordered from Born Pretty Store: a Smokey Grey Black matte polish.
It contains very tiny sparkling glitters, which you only can see when you'll put topcoat over it.
The swatch on my nailwheel looks very beautiful, so I can't wait to wear this one!

Which one would you like to see first??

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