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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Essence - Dare It Nude...


Today I have some pictures of a nude Essence nailpolish for you...

This is Essence The Gel Nail Polish - Dare It Nude, a very rich and creamy crème nude polish. 

Dare It Nude is a creme polish which applies very easy and opaque in only two coats.

I think it is a pretty color, but it is a bit too dark and doesn't match my skintone as much as I like to get the all known "Mannequin hands" :(

In case you don't know this brand or system, I'll explain how it works:

Essence The Gel Nail Polish is "a gel system" which gives you the effect of gel, but it applies as polish. You don't need a lamp, just a base- color and topcoat and you're done!

On this picture you can see well that the color it is just a tad too dark for me. Ah well...

In The Netherlands Essence The Gel Nail Polish is available at Kruidvat for €1,69.
I almost have the whole collection now :D

Do you own any Essence The Gel Nail Polish colors?
If so, what are your favorites? Please let me know in the comments below...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Essence Effect Nail Polish Latex Matt


Today I have a black manicure for you...

Let's take a closer look:

And here's how to achieve this manicure:

First I've put on two easy coats of Essence Effect Nail Polish - The Black Cat.
This black polish dries matte, but in my opinion not matte enough. It stays a bit silky matt, if you know what I mean.

So... after I put this on, I wanted to spice things up a little and came up with this idea:


This is some foil I got off eBay a while ago. I used the transfer glue, let it dry, wrapped my nails in it and voila:

Do you use nail foils? What do you think of them?

Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey saran wrap...


I got inspired by the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" and made this saran wrap manicure...

Polishes used:
* OPI - 
* Essence - 
* OPI - Put a Coat On
* Kiko - 
* OPI - Matte Top Coat

And I topped it off with a coat of OPI Matte Topcoat.

What do you think about this manicure?

Thanks for watching!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Preview: Essence Trend Edition "Gel Nails at Home"

Essence Trend Edition “Gel Nails at Home”

Do it yourself at home: with the essence gel nails at home,  you can easily conjure-up 
stylish and trendy gel nails in the comfort of your own home.

♥ A perfect high shine gel manicure with a quick and easy application 
♥ Endless choice of colour: a colour look with any essence nail polish or natural french 
♥ Up to 10 days
♥ Easy off – simply peel off the gel 

All those well-known nail polish problems are finally over: no more chipping or scratches. 
Instead, you can now look forward to long-lasting, shiny gel nails that can be removed by 
simply  peeling  them  off!  The  technology  is  based  on  an  innovative  “peel-off  gel  base” 
formula  specially  developed  for  essence,  which  hardens  within  10  seconds  underneath 
the essence mini LED lamp. 

Fabulous:  this unique concept works with any essence colour & go nail polish, so there’s
absolutely no limit to your choice of colour for  the  gel nails! And as always with essence,
the gel nails at home products are available at an unbeatable, low price.
Professional tools,  care products  and unique gel effects  will be joining the popular range
in  February  2014.  The  absolute  highlight is  a  cool   mini LED  lamp  with  a  practical  USB
connection. From now on, all beauties can apply their gel manicures wherever they go at
any time!

Essence Gel Nails at Home - cuticle pusher 

Push it! This premium cuticle pusher with a soft sandstone tip is ideal for preparing  your  nails  for  a  long-lasting  gel  manicure. The  professional tool  is  gentle  on  your  nails  and  cuticles  and  produces  perfect results. Around €1,99.

Essence Gel Nails at Home - gel corrector

Corrections are a must! For a perfect gel manicure, it’s really important that the gel is applied correctly and that any residues are removed from your cuticles before curing the nails underneath the mini LED lamp.
You can do this gently and easily with the gel corrector, which has a washable silicone tip. Around €1,99.

Essence Gel Nails at Home - mini LED lamp 

Mini to go! Absolutely  unique  and  super  practical:  here  comes  the  mini LED  lamp with  a  USB connection. From  now  on,  all  gel  nails  fans  can  apply  their  gel  manicure  wherever  and  whenever they  like. Thanks to the integrated USB cable, a plug is no longer needed. Simply connect to a PC or the power adapter of your smartphone and you’re ready to go.
On top, the lamp cures the gel in just ten seconds per nail as the lamp only has to concentrate on one nail at a time. Ideal when you’re on-the-go  or  on  vacation,  extremely  time-saving  and  with  the  USB  plug, it’s ready for action at all times! Around  €19,99.

Essence Gel Nails at Home - effect gel top coat 

Effects,  effects,  effects…  now  also  available  in  the  gel  nails  at  home range! You can now lovingly decorate your nails and turn them into true eye-catchers. The gel effect manicure is totally easy: first, apply the peel off gel base and cure underneath the mini LED lamp as usual. Then paint your nails in your favorite essence nail polish and leave to dry.
Next, apply one of the five unique effectgel top coats and cure underneath  the LED lamp again. If you like, you can leave out the nail polish step and let the  effects be the star of the show on their own without  any colour. Available in a total of five different shades and effects.
Around  €3,49.

Essence Gel Nails at Home - 3in1 nail oil 

After  gel  treatment!  Pampering  care  shouldn’t  fall  short  with  your  gel manicure. The 3in1 nail oil with a practical ball applicator is a must!  The 3-phase  oil  combines  three  benefits:  it  has  a  pampering  formula that moisturizes  your  nails,  strengthens  them  and  promotes  growth. It also softens your cuticles and can be applied after your gel manicure for an additional boost of care.
Around €2,99.

And here’s how it works:


Use the nail file to get your nails into the desired shape and then carefully push back your cuticles with a rosewood stick. Next, put some cleanser on a lint-free cotton pad to remove any dust, oil or grease from your nails. Now it’s time to apply primer over your entire nail so that it is completely covered from the half-moon to the tip.

Nail  file around €1,99, cleanser around €2,49 and primer around €2,49.

Nail file



Apply a thick, even layer of the peel off gel base over the entire nail and cure for 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp (press the essence logo on the lamp). Peel off gel base around €2,99 and mini LED lamp with 10-second power-off mechanism and costs around €19,99.

Choose your look:

For a natural french look: 

Apply  a  thick,  even  layer  of  the  french  gel  top  coat over the entire nail and cure for another 10 seconds under the mini LED lamp  (press the  essence logo on the lamp). Use a cotton pad soaked in
cleanser  to  remove  any  residue  from  your  nails  –  and  your  gorgeous nude gel nails are done!
French gel top coat around  €2,99.

For a colour look:

First, remove any residues of the cured peel off gel base from your nails with the cleanser. Next, paint your nails with your favorite essence colour & go nail polish and leave to dry completely (not under the lamp) before continuing with the next step. Apply an even layer of the clear gel top coat on top of the colour & go nail polish and hold under the mini LED lamp (press the essence logo on the lamp) for another 10 seconds. Remove any new residues with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser again – and your colour look is done! 
Clear gel top coat costs around €2,99.

*Important:  The tip of  your nail should be completely covered with the gel. Please note that there may be some gel residues on your skin or cuticles after application. Make sure that you remove these with a rosewood stick or the gel corrector before curing your nails under the mini LED lamp.

Easy off:

To remove, simply lift a corner of the gel nails and peel off!
Extra tip: You can apply any essence colour&go nail polish on top of your natural French or colour look gel nails and then remove it again with acetone-free nail polish remover to suit your mood. Your shiny gel nails will stay put underneath!

And to make sure that your hands get all the care they deserve, you may like to pamper them with the fast-absorbing super rich hand & nail cream afterwards. Around €2,49.

The gel nails at home products are perfectly aligned with the essence mini LED lamp.
The  essence  mini  LED  lamp  with  an  automatic  10-second  power-off  mechanism  costs
around  €19,99.

The  essence  “gel  nails  at  home”  innovations  will  be  available  in  stores  in   February 2014 and will then be joining the essence standard range.

* recommended retail price

I am using Essence Gel Nails at Home for quite some time now, and I really like the result of these gelpolish-nails a lot! Are you going to try them, or maybe are you already a user of Gel Nails at Home? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Preview: Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection Spring 2014

Hello beauties!
Starting early January 2014 Essence will launch the Kalinka Beauty Collection, a real fun and cheerful line in peachy, orange and turquoise shades. Like the name suggest Essence gets her inspirations for this collection from the Russian folklore and includes a purse as the cute Matryoshka doll.

Modern Matryoshka: essence is travelling to the land of traditions and beauty with the new trend edition “kalinka beauty”. Folklore patterns and lace adorn the designs of the beauty pieces and are combined with a bright color scheme of warm red, orange, apricot, beige, brown, green and brilliant blue. In addition to focusing on the eyes, lips, face and nails, this trend edition has another special must-have in store for you: the cute Matryoshka – the world-famous Russian doll and the ultimate souvenir – is embodied in the shape of a unique purse. The single lashes in black, green and red also ensure an eye-catching look. Welcome to Russia… with essence!

Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection Spring 2014

Kalinka Beauty Mono Eyeshadow – Limited Edition – €1.99
Greetings from St. Petersburg… the eyeshadows with a high pigmentation and a creamy texture create trendy eye make-up styles in fresh apricot, earthy brown or cool green. Kalinka’s favorites!
  • 01 From Russia With Love
  • 02 Babushka Me
  • 03 Green Scene

Kalinka Beauty Single Lashes – Limited Edition – €2.49
Folklore feeling! The false single lashes in the three eye-catching colors black, green and orange are the ultimate it-pieces of this collection. They set cool highlights – placed on the outer edges, between your lashes or all over! One set contains 40 single lashes including lash glue.

Kalinka Beauty Eyebrow Styler – Limited Edition – €1.79
Babushka brows! The duo eyebrow styler is a true all-rounder. One end of the pen emphasizes your brows while the other end is a transparent positioning pen for long-lasting eyebrow make-up. Super-practical: there’s a little brush integrated in the cap to ensure perfect shape.
  • 01 Babushka Me
  • 02 How to be Russian

Kalinka Beauty Lip Brush – Limited Edition – €1.29
Definition deluxe! The lip brush with a slanted tip and thick, dense bristles ensures accurate definition for the contours of your lips and is ideal for the application of the duo lip cream.

Kalinka Beauty Duo Lip Creme – Limited Edition – €2.29
From Russia with love… the highly pigmented duo lip cream with one matt and one shiny formula offers your lips long-lasting color. The subtly shimmering, glossy cream can also be used as a topper.
  • 01 Meet me @ red square
  • 02 East side story

Kalinka Beauty Blush – Limited Edition – €3.29
Sunrise over Moscow… the silky-soft powder texture of the blush in a bright apricot-orange gives your cheeks a gorgeous flush to counteract pale winter skin. As well as providing beautiful red cheeks, the Matryoshka packaging is a real eye -catcher, too!

Kalinka Beauty Nail Polish – Limited Edition – €1.79
Kalinka loves… the four new colors in blue, orange, apricot and green with a gorgeous pearl effect! They create cool, long-lasting nail styles that turn your nails into a trendy winter statement.
  • 01 Absolut Blue
  • 02 East side story
  • 03 From russia with love
  • 04 Green scene

Kalinka Beauty Hair Mascara – Limited Edition – €2.49
Siberian hairstyles! With the hair mascara in trendy orange or glamorous bronze, you can give your hair awesome color highlights as streaks or at the ends. The mascara is super-easy to apply and rinses out with shampoo.
  • 01 East side story
  • 02 Babushka me

Kalinka Beauty Purse – Limited Edition – €2.49
Meet Matryoshka! The cute purse with a Matryoshka design is an absolute must-have – and not just for souvenir hunters! It’s ideal for storing money, cash cards and even little beauty utensils.
OMG! How cute is this collection!! 

Did you see anything you like? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

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