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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Henna Caca Brun...

Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you something else than nailpolish and nails :)

I want to show you a safe, natural and healthy way to dye your hair... With Henna!

Caca Brun from Lush
Since last year, I stopped dying my hair with chemical hairdye. I read an article about Henna and became interested. I've used Henna before, but I only knew the Red Henna, and now I read there were more possibilities... The Caca Brun bar shown above is from Lush. Lush makes fresh and handmade cosmetics. So it's natural and I like that. My hair was a mess when I came back from our holiday in Spain last year. Because of sun, bleached water in the swimming pool and the salt seawater, it became dull, discolored and looked like straw. It really needed a healthy boost. And so I tried the Lush Caca Brun bar...

I grated 4 blocks of the bar in a bowl, poured some hot coffee (darkens the color) and some hot water over it and stirred it well. Then I warmed the mixture again in the bowl over a pan of hot water (au bain marie) until the mixture was well melted into a green swamp-like paste. I let it cool down a bit, and applied it all over my head. It was quite messy, so I covered my whole bathroom with newspaper, because Henna really stains on the floor and on furniture! I let it sit for a couple of hours (I think for 4 hours) and I didn't put clingfilm over it, because I wanted it to become brown, not reddish. After 4 hours it became very hard and crackling and it was hard to get the gritty green shit out, but after rinsing a while and a couple of times shampooing, the water became clear and that was it!

Here are some before and after pictures:


Before: dried out, discolored hair



After: shiny, healthy & darker hair!

Please don't mind the quality of these pictures; they were taken in my
bathroom under bad lightning and with my phone...

I was so happy with the results, I will never go back to chemical hairdye! Henna is so much better for your hair. It makes it thicker, stronger and so much more healthier!

What do you think about Henna? Did you ever dyed your hair with it?

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shopping: Lush products...


I'm kind of addicted to Lush-products... :)

For those of you who don't know Lush; they sell fresh handmade cosmetics. So all of their products are very naturally. I have a couple of favourite products which I always want to have in my stash.

So this time I ordered these products:

Alkmaar (soap)

"Alkmaar contains some of the most beautiful floral fragrances in the world. There's honeysuckle, amaranth, vetivert and jasmine, with its intoxicating midnight aroma."

I'm very curious about this soap!

Full of Grace (serum)

"Calm sensitive skin with our concoction of soothing tropical butters and mushrooms. Our Full of Grace serum bar is made with a concentrated blend of moisturising murumuru and cupuacu butters to hydrate skin, and rose oil to relieve irritations."

This one seems to smell a bit like mushrooms (because they are in it!), but I still wanted to try it out myself. Can't wait to use it...

Handy Gurugu (handceam)

"Helpful, heavenly, herbal hand cream. To make Handy Gurugu, we blended shea butter into rose water with another six natural oils and butters, plus soothing essential oils."

I'm very addicted to handcream, and I'm always trying different brands in search of the best of the best. Haven't tried this one, so I can't wait...

Rehab (shampoo)

"Olive and jojoba oil shampoo to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair. Rehab is shampoo for hair which had been abused and needs some rest and relaxation."

Since I tried this shampoo, I never stopped using it. This is the best shampoo I have ever tried (and believe my; I've tried A LOT!). This time I've bought the biggest bottle they have, yeahhhh!!

Summer Pudding (soap)

"It's a creamy soap that scents your body with fragrance of buchu and citrus. We make it with scrubby ground almonds, softening almond oil, and cleansing lemon oil. Just like a real pudding, it's brimming with juicy cherries and a mouth-watering fragrance."

Yummyyy!! I already have this soap. It's so fruity, it even has real cherries in it!! :)

Sultana of Soap (soap)

"The creamy fruity one. If we make it soft and creamy, fill it full of chopped apricots and currants and scent it with spicy olibanum, it's hardly surprising that it looks tempting enough to take a lick."

True!! This is one of my favourite Lush-soaps... The smell is so soft, tender and creamy... It's hard to explain, but I love it!

Do you know Lush? If so, what are your favorite products?


Note: all of the information and pictures used are from the Lush website.

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