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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Essie - Lovie Dovie...


I have a very sweet pink nailpolish to show you today...

This is Essie - Lovie Dovie

Essie - Lovie Dovie is a beautiful cool toned pink polish with a creamy finish.
This are two easy coats + topcoat.

I cannot remember how many pink polishes I already have, but I always searching for the perfect pink. And I must say: I quite like this pink polish!

All my pictures are taken in daylight, so this is the real color you see here.

What do you think of Essie - Lovie Dovie?

Thank you for watching!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feel The (Glitter) Breeze...


I already felt like using some Spring colors, so today I have this manicure to show you:

China Glaze Feel The Breeze and on the accentfinger Essie Hors d'Oeuvres.

Feel The Breeze is a gorgeous pink creme which applied very easily in two opaque coats. Hors d'Oeuvres is a very special metallic glitter polish which contains silver and gold glitters. I'm wearing three coats here to get it fully opaque.

It's taking some time before Spring is here, but I already felt it a little by wearing this mani :)

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2-in-1 Review: Born Pretty Store Soak Off Gel Polish + Rhinestone Bow

Hi girls,

Today I have a 2-in-1 review for you!

You might have noticed that I love to use gel polish nowadays...
So today I have a review about a BornPrettyStore gel polish which I have bought with my own money, and a set of Rhinestone Bows which I received for reviewing purpose...

Let's take a look at the gel polish first:

This is a BornPrettyStore gel polish in #17 which is a gorgeous bright pink colour which looks slightly neon.
You'll receive a bottle of 15 ml which probably will last you a long time because you need to apply thin coats.
I've paid $8,72 for this gel polish which you can buy here.

This is 4 thin coats...

The consistency is a bit on the thinner side, but not a problem, because gel polishes should be applied very thin to prevent bubbling or wrinkling. With 4 coats I got the opaque colour I wanted.

I really love this colour and shiny pedicure!

Now on to the Rhinestone Bow.

BornPrettyStore sent me this Dazzling Rhinestone Bow. Isn't it cute?

You can get this Dazzling Rhinestone Bow #113 (or heart, skull, butterfly) in a set of 2 for $1,99 over here.

I'm quite pleased with this cute pedicure!

Okay girls, don't forget to use my couponcode KPX31 for 10% discount with your next order:

I hope you liked this 2-in-1 review, see you next time and thanks for watching!

*Some products in this review were sent to me for honest reviewing purpose.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City


I'm back... 
This time with a review of... 

Hier ben ik weer...
Deze keer met een review van...

Herôme Guatemala City 67

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City is a dusty pink shimmery polish which, unfortunately, didn't apply very well... The consistency was a bit watery, therefore I applied 3 coats and a layer of topcoat.

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City is een oudroze shimmer nagellak die helaas niet heel erg fijn lakte... De lak was een beetje waterig, waardoor ik 3 lagen en een laag topcoat heb moeten aanbrengen.

Guatemala City contains very small silver glitter parts, which makes this polish in real life looks a bit shimmery and metallic...

Guatemala City bevat hele kleine zilveren glitter deeltjes, die ervoor zorgen dat deze lak in het echt een beetje shimmery en metallic aandoet...

I do adore pink polishes, but I honestly must say that this colour (and finish) isn't my cup of tea...
But that's my personal opinion...

Ik hou erg van roze nagellak, maar ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat deze kleur (en finish) niet helemaal mijn ding zijn... Maar dat is mijn persoonlijke mening...

How I used it: 
As written above: first my basecoat, than 3 coats of Guatemala City and one coat of topcoat.

Hoe ik het gebruikte:
Zoals hierboven beschreven: eerst mijn basecoat, daarna 3 lagen Guatemala City en een laagje topcoat.


The consistency of this polish was a bit of a downer: the first layer was barely visible, the second layer was more opaque but the third layer (and that was a thick one!) eventually was enough to made the VNL disappear. Like I said before, this colour isn't really the type of pink I would love to wear, but that's my personal opinion.

De consistentie van deze lak was een beetje teleurstellend: de eerste laag was nauwelijks zichtbaar, de 2e laag was wat dekkender maar de derde laag (en dat was een dikke!) was uiteindelijk genoeg om de zichtbare nagellijn (witte nagelrand) te laten verdwijnen. Zoals ik al eerder schreef, deze kleur is niet helemaal de kleur roze die ik graag draag, maar dat is mijn persoonlijke mening.

Availability & price:

Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City 67 is available at for €7,50 (click here for a direct link to this polish). Unfortunately they do not ship internationally.

Availability & price:
Herôme W.I.C. Guatemala City 67 is verkrijgbaar bij voor €7,50 (klik hier voor een rechtstreekse link naar deze nagellak). Helaas verzenden ze niet internationaal.

Thanks for watching!

*The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

China Glaze Textured Unrefined

Hi girls,

Today I'm wearing China Glaze Unrefined from the Textured collection...

I really like textured nailpolishes... I also have two textured polishes from Barry M (click here), but this polish has a bit more of a gritty texture than the Barry M polishes have. Their texture is a bit more fine...

I actually really like Unrefined because I like this texture better than Barry M's because it's a bit more rough...

And the colour is awesome! I'm a real girly-girl and a pink-lover ♥

I'm wearing two coats here with ofcourse no topcoat to keep it gritty and matte...

Recently, I bought a couple more textured polishes from OPI en Essence, which I will swatch later.

What are your thoughts of textured/sanding polishes? Do you like them or not?

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Paint Part I


Today I'm wearing one of my 2 recently bought Textured Nail Paints from Barry M...

This is Kingsland Road.

 Kingsland Road is a baby pink polish which applies a bit tricky. The polish is on the thinner side and a bit sheer so because of that it needs at least two decent coats. This polish dries matte and structured and feels very strange and rough (dohh!) :) The downside of this polish is that it dries very slowly, that's why I have a dent on my pointerfinger :(

From left to right: Atlantic Road - Station Road - Kingsland Road - Ridley Road

I also have Ridley Road, the mintgreen one, which I will show you soon...

You can buy the Barry M Textured Nail Paints for €5,34 at

What do you think about these Textured nailpolish?

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Partially sponged neon manicure...


Today I have a quick post for you about a manicure I saw at Pinterest...

For this manicure I've used the following polishes:

☆ Essence - Icy Princess
☆ Color Club - Where's The Soirèe
☆ Catrice - You Better Think Pink
I've painted half my nails with YBTP and the other half with Icy Princess (both 2 coats). 
I sponged Color Club WTS to create a sort of line with a piece of kitchensponge and there you got it...!

I like this manicure pretty much...

What do you think about this manicure? Would you wear it yourself?

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

R-E-S-P-I-N-K peachy cracked

Hi girls!

Today I tried my new Essence Crack Me peachy nailpolish over Catrice Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K!

The lighting isn't all that (sorry, it's a phone pic), but I still kinda like the effect of both colours layered...

What do you think?

Do you still wear crackle nailpolishes? Or are you done with it?

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

H&M Vivid Nails Duo - Part I

Hi girls!

It's been a while, and I still don't have made myself a new lightbox, so in the meantime I'll stick with using my phone-pictures...

Today I want to show you a polish I've bought a while ago...

H&M Vivid Nails Duo:

I don't know how to describe the colour exactly, because in certain light it looks coral and in other light it looks more pink... In this light it even looks a bit orangy!

I'm talking about H&M Vivid Nails Duo, I bought last February for only €1,45 (on sale).

In this picture you can see what I mean... Now the left part of the polish does look pink, doesn't it?
The other polish is tomato red, and both polishes contain 5 ml.

And here it's pink again... Strange, but I do love this colour! I'm wearing it on my toes as well and this type of colours does make my skin (at least on my feet!) look a bit more tanned, I ♥ it!

Only downside of this polish is that is shows visible nail line (on my pointerfinger you can see it a bit) but hey, for €1,45  I'm not complaining! :)

Thanks for stopping by...

Until next time!

P.S. Welcome to all new followers, thanks for following me!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fancy Fuchsia

Hi girls!

Hope you're all doing well... I am!

Today is a shorty...

Orly Fancy Fuchsia (2 coats)

I don't know if it's just me, but the consistency of this polish is a bit weird... It's super opaque but also very thick and blobby... Quite hard to work with actually! But it does even out on the nails a bit. I was a bit in a hurry, so this is definitely not the best polishing (I was on my way to a birthdayparty but HAD to paint my nails, so this is the result, hihi!)

Fancy Fuchsia is a very pretty (almost) neon pink, so a bit hard to capture with a camera (or actually this time with my new phone: Samsung Galaxy S2) but I think almost everyone in blogland does know how pretty pink this color in real life is...  I really ♥ this pink and I'm enjoying wearing this for 2 days (but now it's a bit chipping, unfortunately, because I would have worn it longer if I could :)

Do you have Fancy Fuchsia in your stash?

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My great budget-polishes score... (and some snow-pics)

Hi girls,

I've got my hands on some great polishes for really budget prices!

Let's take a look at the polishes...

From left to right:
♥ H&M Vivid Nails Duo - 10 ml for € 1,45 (on sale)
♥ Essence Colour & Go Be Optimistic! - 5 ml for € 1,29
♥ Essence Colour & Go Fame Fatal - 5 ml for € 1,29
♥ H&M Purple In Paris - 15 ml for € 1,45 (on sale)
♥ H&M Pink Pearl, Grey Pearl, Mother of Pearl - 4,4 ml for € 1,95 (trio, on sale)

This is a Duo Nail Polish bottle with 10 ml of a coral pink and a tomato red polish. Always welcome in my stash, can't have enough of this colors, and for this price!?

Essence Colour & Go Fame Fatal, a beautiful bright red and Essence Colour & Go Be Optimistic! is a metallic orange. This last one probably isn't a color I would wear on its own, but a while ago I saw this combination from Deborah that decided to buy this polish.

This is a Pearl trio: Pink Pearl, Mother of Pearl and Grey Pearl. I'm actually not really into pearl finishes, but these colors looked too cute to not buy them...

Look at the pearl effect!

Great score, huh?

And now some pictures I would like to show you about the weather in The Netherlands...

This is the view from our livingroom, isn't it beautiful?

My precious 2-year old who wanted to taste the snow... :)
(she didn't like it, haha!)

And our view from another angle, somewhat later in the evening...

How is the weather in your country??

Have a nice weekend!

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