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Friday, December 25, 2015

Review: SensatioNail gelpolish Christmas manicure...

Hi all!

Here is my Christmas manicure...

A while ago I became a SensatioNail ambassador, which means I'll be reviewing and testing a lot of their products. Today I'll show you SensatioNails Glitter Puffers and gelpolish Miss Behave...

The Glitter Puffers are tubes with loose glitter in it. If you'll squeeze the tube, the glitter
is "puffing" out and will stick in the sticky layer of the gelpolish. Very easy!

This is SensatioNails gelpolish. This bottle contains 7.39 ml gelpolish, which applies like a nailpolish. It only needs a base and a topcoat and a LED lamp to harden (or else it doesn't dry) and voila!

This is "Miss Behave" a redbrown gelpolish which will last up to two weeks and stays shiny till the last day of wearing! 

I'm wearing two coats of "Miss Behave" here...

And to give this manicure an extra "Christmas Sparkle" I've used the silver "Glitter puffer" on my middle- and ringfinger.

SensatioNail has a wide range of products to create a professional manicure at home.
It's very easy to do this yourself and the result is amazing!

 For more information about their products or where to get them, go to

What do you think of my Christmas manicure? 
And do you have a Christmas manicure as well? Please let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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