Saturday, March 26, 2011

Essence Circus Confetti


Here it is: Essence Circus Confetti!!

It is a colorful glitter topper with different sizes glitter. It gives your nails a nice, festive effect and you can pimp up your existing (and maybe dull) manicure!

This is what I did:

This is 1 coat of Color Club Where's The Soiree and 1 coat of Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti.

I like it and I'm definitely going to try it over other colors too!

What do you think of it?


Essence Makes Me Weak


Here is a swatch of one of the polishes I bought yesterday: Essence Makes Me Weak.
It's a creamy peachy color, which applied a bit streaky. Therefore I put on 3 coats...

I must say that I'm not really used to this kind of creamy, light pastel colors. In the summer I sometimes polish my toenails with different colors, but the nails of my hands... No, not really. Maybe I have to get used to it :)

What do you think about this color? Like it or not?

Watch out for more swatches from the Essence polishes I bought yesterday!


P.S. Paulina; I hope you like it. I swatched this polish for you! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shopping: New Essence nailpolishes & products...


Yesterday I went to my local beautysupplier to see of the new Essence products were arrived. Lately I've been there a lot, to see of the new products were arrived yet. And finally they were there yesterday!! :)

There were so much new products that I got a little greedy and wanted to buy almost everything. But this time I bought these products:

Essence Nail Art Twins Bella & Edward

1- Essence Nail Art Twins Chuck 
2 -  Essence Multi Dimension Purple Diamond
3 - Essence Multi Dimension Makes Me Weak
4 - Essence Multi Dimension Cool And The Gang

1 - Essence Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti
2 - Essence Special Effect Topper Mystic Mermaid

1 - Essence Nail Art Magnet
2 - Essence Nail Art Magnetics Hex Hex!

1 - Essence Colour & Go Where Is The Party?
2 - Essence Stampy Polish Black

1 - Catrice In The Bronx
2 - Catrice MAN, GO Tango

1 - Essence Gel Eyeliner I Love NYC
2 - Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush

I'm very curious about all these products and I'm going to swatch them as soon as possible!

Did you get your hands on any of the new Essence products yet?

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crackle Silver and White...


I have 3 crackle polishes from the China Glaze Crackle collection, but never tried them, just because lack of time. Because the weather is so nice at the moment, I wanted to dress a little bit lighter, and picked some white and light grey clothes out of my wardrobe... And ofcourse, your nails have to match your outfit, so I experimented a bit with China Glaze Lightning Bolt and Stargazer Chrome...

This was the result:

I must say that I wore this manicure for 2 days. On the 1st day I hurt my indexfinger, and the result was a little chipping at the corners. This manicure isn't totally my style. It looked a bit like I played with Tipp-Exx (you know, the white stuff in a bottle to correct written mistakes :) ) That's also a reason why I'm taking it off now...

But... I must say that this manicure attracted the attention of a couple of colleagues at work. They liked it.
I did not... not really... But it was fun to use, and maybe with another color under it, maybe pink or China Glaze For Audrey, it is much nicer. Going to try that some other time...



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shopping: Forever21 and H&M...


The last couple of days I bought a lot of jewellery I like to show you... Normally I used to wear only silver, but lately I'm starting to like the "Bohemian"-look, and that's nice combined with goldish jewellery.

Here are some of the jewellery I got:



And some other stuff I liked:







As you can see, I like different styles. I work at an office, so when I go to work my style is a bit more classic (I wear a lot of black), and in my spare time (when I'm with my little princess) I like to dress more casual with more colours.

And ofcourse, I bought, what this blog mainly is about: NAILPOLISH!

H&M Going Banana

H&M gets more and more nice colours, and the price is very affordable (€3,95) so bring them on, those lovely summer & spring colours!! :)

And because my nailpolish collection is getting bigger and bigger, I went to Ikea and bought the famous "Helmer" drawer (€29,95) to store all my polishes in, instead of putting them in unorganized make up bags etc. This is the Helmer drawer:

I'm so happy with it! And what's best about it: I've read in other blogs that there is room enough for 500 (!!) polishes *very big smile*. Drugstores, beware!


Shopping: Lush products...


I'm kind of addicted to Lush-products... :)

For those of you who don't know Lush; they sell fresh handmade cosmetics. So all of their products are very naturally. I have a couple of favourite products which I always want to have in my stash.

So this time I ordered these products:

Alkmaar (soap)

"Alkmaar contains some of the most beautiful floral fragrances in the world. There's honeysuckle, amaranth, vetivert and jasmine, with its intoxicating midnight aroma."

I'm very curious about this soap!

Full of Grace (serum)

"Calm sensitive skin with our concoction of soothing tropical butters and mushrooms. Our Full of Grace serum bar is made with a concentrated blend of moisturising murumuru and cupuacu butters to hydrate skin, and rose oil to relieve irritations."

This one seems to smell a bit like mushrooms (because they are in it!), but I still wanted to try it out myself. Can't wait to use it...

Handy Gurugu (handceam)

"Helpful, heavenly, herbal hand cream. To make Handy Gurugu, we blended shea butter into rose water with another six natural oils and butters, plus soothing essential oils."

I'm very addicted to handcream, and I'm always trying different brands in search of the best of the best. Haven't tried this one, so I can't wait...

Rehab (shampoo)

"Olive and jojoba oil shampoo to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair. Rehab is shampoo for hair which had been abused and needs some rest and relaxation."

Since I tried this shampoo, I never stopped using it. This is the best shampoo I have ever tried (and believe my; I've tried A LOT!). This time I've bought the biggest bottle they have, yeahhhh!!

Summer Pudding (soap)

"It's a creamy soap that scents your body with fragrance of buchu and citrus. We make it with scrubby ground almonds, softening almond oil, and cleansing lemon oil. Just like a real pudding, it's brimming with juicy cherries and a mouth-watering fragrance."

Yummyyy!! I already have this soap. It's so fruity, it even has real cherries in it!! :)

Sultana of Soap (soap)

"The creamy fruity one. If we make it soft and creamy, fill it full of chopped apricots and currants and scent it with spicy olibanum, it's hardly surprising that it looks tempting enough to take a lick."

True!! This is one of my favourite Lush-soaps... The smell is so soft, tender and creamy... It's hard to explain, but I love it!

Do you know Lush? If so, what are your favorite products?


Note: all of the information and pictures used are from the Lush website.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another try with XL-A en XL-B plates...


Tonight I've tried a couple designs with the MagnoNails XL-A and XL-B plates...
Please don't mind the crappy cleaning, I only wanted to test a couple designs, and I'm going to take everything off right now :)

The XL-plates work very well and the designs are very detailed!

Here are some designs of the XL-A and XL-B plates:

Base: Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet
Stamp: Essence Stampy Polish White
Topcoat: none

Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet, which I bought yesterday, looked a bit bordeaux red in the bottle.
As you can see it's not! It's a deep, kind of cherry, jelly red. Because I stamped over it, I just put on one coat.

The Essence Stampy Polish White is very opaque, and stamped really well. I'm very happy with it, because I was in desperate need of a good, opaque white stamping polish! I'm glad I bought 3 bottles :)

The XL-plates have so many nice designs, that I can't choose one, so I'm going to test a couple more.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catrice & Essence polishes

Hi there!

Today I've bought some new polishes from Catrice & Essence.

Here they are:

Catrice Caught On The Red Carpet € 2,49

Catrice Sweets For My Sweets € 2,49

Catrice Just Married € 2,49

Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly € 2,49

Essence Colour & Go Ultimate Pink € 1,29

Essence Stampy Polish White € 1,49

I'm going to swatch them as soon as possible! :)

Have a nice evening!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adhesive Nail Foils from BF Beauty

Good Evening!

BF sells Adhesive Nail Foil Sheets (Minx-look-a-likes) but for the VERY reasonable price of €2,93 (about USD $3,99).

Here are some of the adhesive foils they offer:

I like the little skulls... (images are clickable)

And I think I like these ones...

Here's some information about them from their website:

Adhesive Nail Foil Sheet x 1 set (Total 16 pieces of foils inside)This Nail Foil Sheet is printed, self-adhesive, flexible, long lasting nail design foils.
With this strips in nail shape you have the possibility to wear unusual, extraordinary naildesigns on your fingernails and also your toes and in seconds a look you will be envied by everybody (When you plan to buy for your toes, please pay attention on the size below) 
Simply stick on, file excess foil off, protecting with clear Top Coat - ready
Color : -
Size : Biggest is 2.7cm x 1.7cm while smallest is 2.7cm x 0.8cm (or Biggest is 1.06 inch x 0.7inch while smallest is 1.06 inch x 0.3 inch). Suitable for professional or home use

How long does it last?This depends on your preparation (see below for instruction!) - most of the issues comes from residue on the nail, so NO foil can last on a nail which was not cleaned thoroughly. Please use topcoat! This prevents peel off as well as scratching on the foil, especially on the high shine Strips *Chrome* design. Also your habits and what you are doing with your hands is important: just typing, housekeeping or rough gardening and yard work? Under normal conditions it lasts up to 1 week, some have it longer on and it still looks pretty!

Application / How to use:The nail surface has to be properly clean and - important! - grease-free, i.e. please clean before application with lint-free pad and alcohol or OIL-FREE nail polish remover. Select the suitable size and lift the Strip by a rosewood stick at the flap. Place it now on the base of the nail and lay the foil concentric just lightly in the middle of your nail. Additionally: do not press the foil yet: instead, you CAN, but NOT MUST blow with your hair dryer at the foil and you will see that the Strip lays magically down on your nail surface! The heat is an option to smooth the strips, but not a must. Press first the middle, then the sides firmly on to avoid air bubbles under the foil or pulling. Now fold the excess file to your finger tip, file off the rest, not required foil carefully in the direction of the fingertip and protect it with Top Coat, if you have longer nails protect also below the free nail edge! Ready! To remove just loose one edge and pull it off, the residues you can remove with nail polish remover! Please note for the designs Chrome - due to their highly reflective surface of the films they are slightly different and slightly thicker. They are perfect on  flat on all flat nails, but with one exception: are your nails very round or arched / curved, the mirror-effect films Chrome for you NOT suitable as they firm and not quite as flexible as the other designs - they would throw wrinkles!

I think I might try a couple... but right now I cannot choose :)

What do you think? Do you like them? Or do have you already tried them?


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