Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Blog Awards...


 I got tagged with these awards by Anutka from Wacky Laki! Thank you so much my dear!
 I really appreciate this! :) If you haven't seen her blog yet, go do it now!

I'm not really familiar with the rules, but as Anutka wrote, I'm assuming these are the same of telling something about yourself and pass them on.

Here are 10 things about me:

1. I'm a real cookiemonster :) I eat cookies a lot...Can't help it, can't stop it!

2. Although I'm 32 years old at the moment, I'm a sucker for early rave music. I guess it's in my blood... :)

3. I have a thing with pink... Pink polish, pink cardigans, pink shoes... I'm a real girly-girl.

4. I'm a Gemini which apparently explains why I got easily bored with stuff and jump from one thing to another. The only hobby that I still like (after 10 years) is doing my own acrylic nails and taking care of them. At the moment I'm satisfied with my natural nails the way they are now and I keep them this way.

5. I have been addicted to playing The Sims 3 *blushes*. I've played it for hours and hours. About three years ago, I got this game for Christmas and I've played it from 20.30 till 06.30 in the morning, non-stop. When I finally decided to go to bed, I heard the birds whistle, and couldn't get into sleep... 
Gaming is fun, but that was a little bit too much :)

6. I work in a health care facility as a Secretary for the Board of Directors for over 10 years, and I'm still happy working over there :)

7. I have a 2-year old daughter named after the little mermaid: Ariël. Unfortunately here in The Netherlands there is also a detergent called that way. That hasn't stopped us from naming our little princess like that... Ok, it is spelled different, does that count?

8. I've cut my hair last saturday! It was far below my shoulders and I now have a bobline on cheek length. Still have to get used to it, but I like it :) First reaction from my love was: "I think I'm gonna cry!" but now he's ok with it :)

I went from this...
... to this! (in brown ofcourse)

9. I go to bed wayyyy too late... But I must admit: I don't need to sleep for over 8 hours because I don't need that much sleep. Most of the time I sleep for about 5 or 6 hours... But since we have our little princess I sometimes go to sleep when she is doing a nap in the afternoon... I ♥ little naps!

10. At the moment my love and I are hooked on the TV-serie "Lost". We have the whole serie on DVD because I've never seen all episodes on TV. Now I can finally watch them all, whenever I want. 
I ♥ watching DVD's with my love at home...

Well... that's about it...

I must admit I had a hard time writing down these 10 things about myself.

Here are my 10 tags (in random order) sorry if you have gotten this before...:

Hopefully it was fun to read and I didn't bore you guys with this!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the tag dear!
    OMG your hair was so pretty but I'm loving your hair cut too! :) And I LOVE LOVE Lost, so bad it ended and I already saw all the episodes. Seriosly, I love Hurley! He made me laugh so many times! Need to see it again sometimes! I love these kind of tags, because it's great to hear something more about bloggers. ♥

  2. Heel erg bedankt voor het taggen! Ariël is een erg mooie naam en maar goed dat het wasmiddel jullie niet heeft tegengehouden om haar zo te noemen ;)

  3. @Ivana: Thanks for your kind reply! :) I hated my hair, so I decided to cut it :) I love Hurley too! He has such a cute face and eyes!

  4. @Live with lipstick: Graag gedaan hoor! :)
    We zijn ook erg blij met de naam en tot nu toe reageert eigenlijk iedereen heel positief en linkt iedereen het aan de Zeemeermin en niet het wasmiddel :)


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