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11 Questions Tag

Hi everyone,

I got tagged by Courtney from GaGa for Nails... Thank you Courtney, so sweet of you!
And not 1 or 2 times... No! 3 times! For the 11 Questions Tag, the Nail Polish Tag and the 'I-Love-Your-Blog-award' (which I already had, but thanks anyway!)

I'll start with the:

11 Questions tag:

Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
Go to their page and tell them you have linked her/him.
No tag backs. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 Things About Myself
1: I used to be a "Gabber" (don't know how to translate it, since it really is a Dutch word, but I'll try my best to explain what it means). A "Gabber" is someone who really ♥ hardcore music, wears Austrialian trainingsuits and dances weird on 360 BPM (beats per minute) music. 

Back in the old days it was sort of a way of life. "Gabbers" shave their heads (well, the guys did) and sooner or later even girls shaved their heads (partly, or half). I did too! My mom and dad hated it, and we have had lots of argue about it, but yeah... I was 15 so no-one could tell me what to do (or don't do :) )

2: We used to have a dog named "Laila", a black labrador, which unfortunately died when she was 12 years old. I was devistated and cried my eyes out. 

My little brother and I also had two rats. We called them "Rick" and "Raymond" and how funny is this: nowadays my boyfriends name is Rick and his best friend is called...? Indeed... Raymond! :)

3: I've done 4 driverslicence tests before I passed. I was SO nervous, my left leg started to shake and it never stopped shaking until the exam was over. I only passed on the last exam because my doctor gave me pills to control my nerves. Or else I still wasn't able to drive I guess :)

4: One thing I've always said is: I want to be a mom before I'm 30... And that suddenly happened! (well ofcourse you'll have to do something for it ;) ) In June 2009 I turned 30 and my daugther is born on the 24th of April in 2009. So it happened without planning it... :)

5: I moved out my mothers house really late... I was 26 and still enjoying living with her and my brother (who is 3 years younger than I am). So yeah... an advantage about that is that I bought my own house immediately when I got te chance, right at the corner of where my mom lives. So we're living very close to each other.

6: My favorite food is: Italian food! I just ♥ it... All sorts of pasta, noodles, you name it and I ♥ it!

I especially love to make my own lasagna. Only thing is, I'm not really good at it, hihi. It tastes wonderful, but it doesn't look very appealing. So I'll have to work on that :)

7: I have never broke a bone, or something like that. When I was a kid, I wanted to have plaster (do you called it that way?) You know what I mean? When your arm is broken, they'll put a sort of bandage on it and make it wet so it turns hard when it's dry. Is that plaster? 

Well... I wanted to have that... It looked neat to me, and kids who broke their arm wrote their names on it, and everyone else too, so I wanted it too... In pink, ofcourse... After all I'm glad I never broke anything :)

8: As you might have noticed, I'm a bit long-winded. It just isn't easy for me to keep a story short :) Can't help it!

9: My mom is a pedicure... I'm used to it for years and years, but often people ask me if I could do it too, and I still think it's gross to touch other people's feet. Glad my mom doesn't think that way :)

10: Pfff... almost there! It's harder than I thought! For years and years, I followed DJ Tiësto... And with followed I really mean FOLLOWED. Everywhere he was, we (my friends and I) were too. We got to meet hem very often, and on some moments he treated us like we were his friends instead of fans. 

We were able to stand next to him, backstage in the dj booth and danced our asses off! I have got a couple of vinyls from him, from which he knew I liked the tracks (because it has come up in one of our little talks). He's so cute and SO friendly! But after he got the title of number 1 DJ of the world, it became harder and harder to speak and even see him while he was having a gig. Well... I'm glad I have had several special moments with him and my girlfriend and tons of photographs and pictures :)

11: I got my boyfriend a tattoo for his birthday, last year. He always wanted a tattoo, but he never exactly knew what he wanted. Until our little princess was born. He knew he wanted a tattoo with her name in it. And since she's our little princess, there had to be a little tiara in the tattoo, too. After two years of designing the tattoo was finished and he got tattooed last december.

And now the 11 questions from Courtney:

1. What's your preferred nail shape (square, oval, squoval, pointed, etc.)? 
- Square or squoval, actually don't exactly know what shape mine are?

2. How many nail polishes do you have?
- About 225.

3. Do you remember the first blog you ever looked at? If so, whose was it?
- I think it was Nihrida's!

4. What's your favorite polish technique (stamping, sponging, water marbling, etc.)?
- Stamping!

5. What's one technique you're dying to try but haven't yet?
- Water marbling and sponging (but am going to try sponging soon!)

6. Do you have any other passions that aren't nail related?
- Blogging! Haha, but that's also nailrelated. Ok, photographing (a bit nailrelated :))

7. Twilight or Harry Potter? 
- Uhm... Can I skip this one? Don't like both actually...

8. Is there a particular color you really like to wear, clothing wise?
- Black... And no, I'm not a gothic, but I think black can look very distinguished and chique!

9. Do you show your toesies as much attention as your fingers?
- Hahaha, your questions are funny! No, definitely more attention to my fingers. But in summer, when they're showing, I'll pay as much attention to my toes as my fingers.

10. What's your favorite place that you've visited thus far?
- Turkey (if you mean countries) and the Japanese Restaurant 'Ai Uchi' in Hilversum (if you mean of all places).

11. What's your biggest nail related pet peeve?
- I'm sorry, I didn't understand this question, but Bunny Nails translated it for me. So I edited this part:
I can't stand it if I just polished my nails, and I bump into something so you'll get a dent in your freshly painted nails. Or the day after I polished my nails, some of them are already chipping. Grrrr.... 

OK... and here are my 11 questions:

1. What's your favorite parfume or EDT?
2. Do you have pets?
3. What's your biggest fear?
4. What's your favorite color?
5. What's your favorite nailpolish brand?
6. And what brand do you dislike most?
7. What's your favorite country?
8. Which language would you like to be able to speak?
9. How many nailpolishes do you have at this moment?
10. How many shoes, boots, pump, slippers do you own?
11. Radio or television?

I tag the following 11 blogs:

I hoped you all liked reading this much information about me! :)

Thanks for all the effort if you came this far ;)

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