Friday, March 25, 2011

Shopping: New Essence nailpolishes & products...


Yesterday I went to my local beautysupplier to see of the new Essence products were arrived. Lately I've been there a lot, to see of the new products were arrived yet. And finally they were there yesterday!! :)

There were so much new products that I got a little greedy and wanted to buy almost everything. But this time I bought these products:

Essence Nail Art Twins Bella & Edward

1- Essence Nail Art Twins Chuck 
2 -  Essence Multi Dimension Purple Diamond
3 - Essence Multi Dimension Makes Me Weak
4 - Essence Multi Dimension Cool And The Gang

1 - Essence Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti
2 - Essence Special Effect Topper Mystic Mermaid

1 - Essence Nail Art Magnet
2 - Essence Nail Art Magnetics Hex Hex!

1 - Essence Colour & Go Where Is The Party?
2 - Essence Stampy Polish Black

1 - Catrice In The Bronx
2 - Catrice MAN, GO Tango

1 - Essence Gel Eyeliner I Love NYC
2 - Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush

I'm very curious about all these products and I'm going to swatch them as soon as possible!

Did you get your hands on any of the new Essence products yet?

Have a great weekend!


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