Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pedicure: Silver Foil

Hi everyone!

Today I tried one of my Foils: Silver. It's just plain Silver Foil. Not a holo one, just plain Metallic Silver Foil. Here are some pictures of it:

This time, instead of regular topcoat (that crinckles/crackles) I applied two layers of topgel and cured this for 2 minutes under my UV-light lamp. The result: no crackles and a long(er) lasting foil Pedicure :)

On the pictures it doesn't really show, but I can almost see myself in my mirror-nails :)

I'm very happy with the anti-crackle solution that really seem to work!

When I get bored of them (which might take a while, because I really like them!) I maybe try some Konading on it... I think it will look nice with a full nail design...

I hardly see transfer foils in Blog-land. Aren't there any fellow Bloggers who like foils??

See you next time!



  1. seguindo seu blog, será um prazer ter vc como seguidora no meu blog tbm bjs coloridos

  2. Never tried foils before, looks great!

  3. @Lili: I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying. English please??

    @Olivia: Foils are really nice and so easy to work with! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    Gonna give Konad a try soon, and see how that works out!


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