Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OPI You Don't Know Jacques! Suede

Hi girls!

It's a while ago I posted, but that's mainly because I wanted to test how long my previous (foil) manicure would last on me...

I wore that manicure for 6 days!! And had some minor chipping, only on my right hand! Seriously!

Today I want to show you one of my matte polishes:

OPI You Don't Know Jacques! Suede (1 coat)

I really love this polish and the matte effect it has.
But... there's one "but"... Because it is matte, I didn't used a topcoat as the finishing touch. So the longivity is unfortunately not that long... Here you can already see some tipwear after only a couple of days of wearing.

Next time I think I'm going to put some matte topcoat over it, to protect it a bit more...
Anyone any experience with that?

I love the color and the little sparkles in it... It's autumn (or fall, you know what I mean :) ) in The Netherlands, and so the color is really appropriate and matching this season...

I haven't tried topcoat-tricks over this polish, to see how the matte changes into shiny sparkles, but I've seen some nice French Manicure pictures on the web which, in my opinion, looked very interesting.

Going to try that some other time...

Interesting finish, isn't it?

Do you like matte finishes? And do you have some tips to keep em on a little longer than I did?

Sleep tight!


  1. @Sandra: Thanks girl! It's an older polish, but I still like it very much!

    Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Waauw! Deze staat gaat meteen op mijn verlanglijstje. Hij is mooooi!!

  3. @Nailart Addicted: Ja mooi is ie he? En je kunt hem natuurlijk ook gewoon een laagje topcoat geven zodat glanst :)

  4. Mooie kleur! Zijn dat je eigen nagels? Echt super!

  5. @Tahnee: Jaja, na jaaaaren acrylnagels gedragen te hebben was ik het zat (ook al deed ik het zelf) en wilde ik m'n eigen nagels wel weer eens zien :)

    En ik moet zeggen, ik ben er best tevreden over!

    Dank voor je leuke comment!


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