Wednesday, November 23, 2011

H&M Holiday Nailpolish set

Hi girls,

Look what I found at H&M's...

5 polishes for only €6,95!

I love the purple polish!

Just wanted to share this with you ♥

Thanks for watching!


  1. Yeah, I think so too... And for a good price huh? :)

    Thanks for you comment!

  2. i love the glitter one! :) hihi by the way im your new follower :) you can visit mine too if you like :) hope you like my nail designs on my blog :)

  3. I just bought this today. I love the colours, but I'm not sure if I should keep it for myself or gift it. I've bought quite a bit of polish lately.

  4. @neelai: Thanks for following me! ;) I'm going to check your blog!

  5. @Helen: Hmm... if you own colors like this already, it might be a good idea to gift it :)


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