Monday, November 14, 2011

Shopping: 3 Sleek palettes

Hi girls,

I'm so excited!! Today I received my latest online order:

3 Sleek I-divine mineral based eyeshadow palettes: Original, Oh So Special and Au Naturel...

Let's take a closer look at the palettes...

Au Naturel:

12 beautiful, earthy colors in matte and shimmer...

In sunlight

With flash

Oh So Special:

Again 12 beautiful colors in matte and shimmer...

In sunlight

With flash


 This time only 1 matte and the rest is shimmer...

In sunlight

With flash

I'm not so good in making eyeshadow swatches, but I swatched this last palette:

No eyeshadow base, only 1 swipe of eyeshadow...

Over all picture:

I'm so happy with these palettes!!

How I used it:
I've just received this palettes, so I haven't used these ones yet.

But I always use an eyeshadowbase underneath the eyeshadow to prevent creasing.

The pigmentation of these mineral based eyeshadows is really amazing. The swatches I've made are without primer or eyeshadowbase. These are just one swipe on each finger and then straight on my arm. It is of excellent quality. I have to admit now that I've tried the matte eyeshadows too, they are a bit less pigmented then the shimmer eyeshadows. Maybe the matte colors intensify when a primer or eyeshadowbase is used.

Availability & price:
The Sleek palettes are available on the internet in different webshops and on Ebay for ± €7,25 (about $10,-).

What do you think about Sleek palettes?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey chick,

    My favorite color (oh so special) is sold out everywhere. I have to admit, I have cried secretly. Hahaha enjoy your pallets love and maybe, after our work shop, you can use me as a test person ;-)

    Huge hug! XOXO

  2. Hi dear,

    Ahhhhh... too bad!! It must have been a wanted one, but keep checking, maybe later this week or next week they're back in stock?

    I'm very curious about our workshop in april... Can't wait! :)

    XOXO Bye dear!


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