Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping: eBay summary

Hi girls,

Now the end of this year is almost here, I thought it's time for an overview of my eBay boughts in november and december...

Here they are (click the image to enlarge):

I'm a bit addicted to eBay-shopping, but they have the greatest items and nailpolishes which they don't always sell in the country I live in (NL).

These are the items I really ♥ most:

Black Sunglasses

BB Cream

Blue Shell Ring

Black Python Belt

100% Leather Skinny Belt in Camel

I'm still waiting for the mini OPI polish (Nicky Minaj collection) in Pink Friday to arrive. 
Can't wait to try it :)

See anything you like? Do you buy from eBay too? If so, what are your 'best buys'?

Thanks for watching!

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