Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Revisited: Zoya Maura

Hi girls!

Today I'm wearing Zoya Maura, and I've swatched it before (click!), but when I was wearing acrylics, so I wanted to swatch it again on my natural nails... So here it is:

Zoya Maura

Zoya Maura is a tomato red crème polish. The application is superb! I'm wearing two coats here, with one coat of INM Out The Door topcoat. 

Normally I don't wear red, but I've got myself a new red skinny jeans, and so I came up with matching this with Maura.

What do you think about Zoya Maura? Like it or not?

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Icy Princess

Hi girls,

I'm making myself a new lightbox, so soon I will be producing decent pictures again! :)

Meanwhile I made some phonepictures of a silver foil polish from Essence:

Essence Icy Princess
Essence Icy Princess is a silver foil polish which is opaque in two coats. Essence has changed the layout of the bottles into rounder, with a more solid cap. The polish contains 8 ml now instead of 5 ml and, ofcourse, does cost a bit more now (but they're still very, very cheap!).

Old bottle (5 ml)

New bottle (8 ml)

Please don't mind my cuticles, they look horrible at the moment, but working on that! :)

Normally I'm not really into foil, metallic and frost finishes, but I kind of like this one... Maybe because of the silver color. I planned to stamp over it, but I was a bit busy at the weekend so I didn't have much time to do so.

Would you wear Icy Princess?

Thanks for stopping by!

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