Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Foil Pedicure!

Hi everybody!

Let me start by warning you guys: this post contains pictures of feet! If you don't like feet, skip this post and don't watch  :)

Last year transfer foils had my interest, and so I bought a lot of them :) (see a picture of my foil stash below).

This is my first foil Pedicure... The foil I used is called Passion Pink:

I made the mistake to put on the glue on both feet at the same time, so the glue on the 2nd feet sat too long... That's why my tiny toe is the worst of all. I started foiling with my right foot, ended with my left foot, and so this toe was the last toe, and eventually the worst...

Next time, I'll be more careful with putting on the glue, because I now see I skipped some corners...

And ofcourse it's a bummer to see how shiny and metallic the foil is, until you put on your topcoat :(
It crackles the foil, and after the topcoat has dried, the crackles disappear a bit, but you can still see them.

Maybe next time I'll put on a very tiny coat of acrylic or gel, to see how that reacts with the foil.
It might prevent crackling... Worth a try!?

This is the glue & foil I have used
(I took this picture without flash but under lamplight, so not color accurate)

And last but not least: a picture of my foil stash :)

Do you like foils? And would you like to see more Pedicures?



  1. I'd love to see lots of foil nail art!!! :)

  2. Wow you have a lot of foil bottles! It looks nice on your toes!

  3. wow this looks so cute, i love your foil stash too!

    shel xx

  4. Oh wow, I didn't know there is so much interest in foils...

    Going to do a new swatch soon! Thanks for your comments!



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