Sunday, August 14, 2011

H&M U Must Have This


I have some polishes for over a year, and I have never worn them...

H&M's U Must Have This is one of those polishes I had to buy, because I really love the color, but I have never tried it.

Today I finally have... :)

U Must Have This is a beautiful bright turquoise blue color. It applied ok, and was almost opaque in one coat. If you're careful, one coat is enough, but I did two (as always!)

I think Smurfin would be jealous about this beautiful color :)

Don't you love this beautiful turquoise crème color?

I actually don't know why I kept this polish (since february!) in the drawer of my Helmer, because I really like it! Maybe I didn't know how to match it with my outfits, but today I combined it with a black outfit and that made my nails even more stand out!

U Must Have This

What do you think about this color? Do U Must Have This?

Have a nice evening,


  1. Such a gorgeous polish, I love this shade!

  2. Yes, I really love it too! It's such a beautiful, bright summer color!


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