Friday, August 26, 2011

Shopping: H&M Wanna Pepperoni & Looks Great On You


Yesterday I've received my online order from H&M, including two of the fall collection polishes I've showed you before (here).

Looks Great On You - Wanna Pepperoni

I chose these two colors, because I don't have colors like these in my stash yet...
And they're unsusual... And I like unusual polishes :)

Looks Great On You is kind of a Terra cotta color, between orange and brown. Wanna Pepperoni is kind of a mustard color, between yellow and green. My first reaction was: Iew...!
But a couple of seconds later, I started to like the color. 

Like I said... I like unusual polishes, but I don't think I can wear this color by it's own. I think it is not so flattering with my yellowtoned skincolor. But I think it is a nice base for Stamping nailart :)

This are 2 coats of polish without topcoat...

Well... I couldn't make choice out of so much pictures, so sorry for the pictureload :)

What do you think about these colors? Would you wear them?

Until next time,


  1. :) Yes, I like it too! I think it is a great fall color! :)

    Thanks for your comment and following me!

  2. Ah, I hate myself that I didn't bought the yellow one, because it's gorgeouss!

  3. @Cynthiiaa: Ahw... they're still available online and maybe also in stores?? You can still get it if you want?

  4. I really want the mustard/olive color! I think it goes perfectly with my olive colored jade plugs (for my ears)!

  5. @Sabine: I really love the musterd color too!

    I'm going to swatch it soon, ok??

    Thanks for your comment!


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