Monday, January 9, 2012

E.L.F. Desert Haze

Hi girls,

As you might already know, I'm a sucker for nudes... I just ♥ nude polishes!

So today I want to show you an untried bottle of nude polish from E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) called Desert Haze:

This is my first E.L.F. polish and although I had shaken the bottle very well (it was a bit watery) some of the brushstrokes were a bit sheer (of rather translucent), while others were really creamy!

The first couple of strokes were bad, and so I thought: ofcourse! That's why these polishes are so cheap!
But later on the polish went on better and better. So I think it has been the lack of use during all these months of just laying in a drawer of my helmer :)

I don't know if 'nude' is the right word for this color... It's a bit beige too, but for me this polish can be categorized as a nude polish...

I'm wearing this color for 2 days now, and I think it can use some nailart, or something like that.
Working on that! Stay tuned...

What do you think about E.L.F. polishes? Do you own and like them?

Thanks for dropping by!
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